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NAMMA is a high performance, high resolution Scanning Probe Microscope for easy imaging at atomic resolution. Modular design for convenient sample loading, maintenance and adding optional modules like Quartz tuning fork AFM, high resolution camera and high voltage assembly.

Scanner Range: XY – 300 nm (3μm @10x optional), Z – 90 nm (0.9μm @10x optional)
Resolution: 16 bit
Resonance: 1.5 kHz
Coarse movement
Stick-Slip: Z - less than 0.5 mm
Manual: 10 mm
Stick-Slip lateral: ~ mm (optional)
Electronics DSP: 16-bit (SR-MK2) at 150 kHz sampling rate
Sample Bias:±10 V
Current preamp Gain: 100 mV/nA
Noise: 0.02 nA rms
Sample Up to 30 mm dia, 15 mm thick
Mechanical Dimensions: Diameter 300 mm, Height 400 mm
Weight: 15 kg


Vibration Isolation Module

Bungee chord mounted system with a rigid frame optimized for NAMMA STM.

  • First resonance < 1 Hz
  • Eddy current damping


High Voltage Amplifier

Designed to drive piezo nano positioners.

  • Range : 0-150 Volt
  • Low frequency operation (scanner) / High Frequency operation (stick-slip motor)


Optical Microscope and Camera

For easy and fast tip and sample positioning and with on screen high resolution view.

  • Sony CCD sensor with auto intensity control
  • 10 μm Resolution
  • 540 x 600 Pixels
  • Online image and video capture (PAL)


Quartz Tuning Fork AFM

For Amplitude Modulation mode and Frequency Modulation mode with Quartz Tuning Fork Probes